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Thank you for visiting our guestbook and our site. The guestbook has been retired, but you can read the comments posted below.

Greetings! Welcome to our guestbook. Our web site reflects our theatre - professional but enjoyable. Our productions include everything you will find at the finest opera houses, beautiful voices, exquisite costumes, lavish sets, an elegant theatre and TransTitles - English translations during the performance. We enjoy hearing from you and hope you will take a minute to sign this guestbook.

Signed: Ted Leach, Founder and Gen. Dir.
From: New England Marionette Opera
11:32 AM EST - Sun, Jan 19, 1997

Just found New England Marionette Opera on Facebook!

Signed: Paula
Feb. 7, 2012

did you guys drop off the face of the earth..i dont understand..this site has a sceduhle for 1998...then nothing..i would like to know whats still going on with the show

Signed: skip stutler
From: skip
Feb. 5, 2012

Hi Ted, I am wondering if I have a marionette you made and gave to your brother.It is a beautiful carved jester about 2 feet tall. If it is so I would like to try to get him back to you Hoping to hear from you

Signed: Christine
From: Christine
Jan. 22, 2011

Great site! Love it

Signed: Alec
From: US
Sep. 30, 2010

Hey Ted, I am glad to see the website is still up. I stage managed a few shows for you in 93-94. Verdi's Macbeth, Madama Butterfly, and Amahl and the night visitors, before I went off to school in San Diego. I always talk/think about NEM with warm feelings. It is a shame it met such a tragic end.

Jay Crosley

Signed: Jayscott Crosley
Feb. 19, 2010

Dear Ted,

I think of you often with such joy and gratitude for your being such a bright light in the world. I loved working at NEMO. All the best to you. Love, Karen

Signed: Karen Carter (now Raven Garland)
From: Karen who played Tosca
Feb. 17, 2010

My regrets that such a beautiful thing ended with such tragedy. Is there any hope of seeing them ever again?

Signed: Eve Kendall
From: Eve Kendall
Dec. 3, 2009

Beautiful site! This was one local attraction I alwyas meant to get to, but never did. Do any of the marionettes survive, and if so, where can they be seen?

Signed: Laurie Guimond
Dec. 2, 2009

Good Day!

Foudn the site by accident but am happy that I did. It helps to bring back the wonderful memories that I had while in that neck of the woods (born in Boston). The remarkable thing about your site is that it reconnected me with a VERY dear friend that I had lost in my youth of stupdify, Ms. Marsha Cormier. It was nice to see her. Even though an old picture, it bought back a lot of time. Anyway, THANK YOU for sucha great site and for my "reunion" of sorts.


Signed: Sunni Palatino-ASh
From: Seattle WA
Mar. 30, 2009

very nice site :)

Signed: BradandPitti
Oct. 14, 2008

I have often thought of the company and this morning finally found your site. I had heard about the devistating fire and was sadden to say the least. My experiences that year of the fire with the group was a memory that will always stay with me. Talent like no other, and a place like no other there will be. I am proud to say that I was a part of the group, auditioning and learning the skill of puppeteer that year and the experience gave me great insight and talent that I still carry with me today. If you do have another site or have a website, please let me know. God Bless You and Keep You Company in all that you do. Sincerely, Calista Povacz

Signed: Calista Gore-Povacz
From: Calista
Sep. 28, 2008

Had a tour through the Salzburg Marionette Opera - yours was (is?) better. Evidently you've had a fire - are you going to, or have you rebuilt? I've been involeved with puppets, the marionettes since I was in third grade - and I'm older than God now. Won't attempt opera, though I love it, but hope to start one of my own plays soon. Please answer whether you still have shows in New Hampshire or not - would love to attend.

Signed: Alan Paul Curtis
From: Morrisville, Vermont
Aug. 15, 2008

OOO, Interesting story))

Signed: Hiposaasa
Aug. 10, 2008

Hello webmaster, very nice site here, great work! TomasKell

Signed: TomasKell
Jun. 1, 2008

Interest story!

Signed: Vundiliver
May. 31, 2008

Hi. Very interesting site! Thanks!

Signed: Intettyhoosse
From: 144787271
May. 13, 2008

Just wanted to say Hello to everyone. Much to read and learn here, I'm sure I will enjoy !

Signed: Sensbachtal
Mar. 17, 2008

You make my day!

Signed: Freeman
Feb. 26, 2008

Good site.

Signed: epitleninkalo
Feb. 23, 2008

my son really liked the marionettes. Thanks and keep up the good work.

Signed: jimmy
Feb. 9, 2008

I find myself deeply saddened at the destruction of a fine arts theater work. I have always loved the fine arts completed with that of performing arts. To me that is the ultimate show of the total art world. When I was a little boy we had Punch and Judy puppets with the playhouse our parents had gifted us. Why not have a new playhouse? Whether in Boston or in Providence, you have fine artists all over from Boston to Rhode Island School of Design. The arts thrive in our New England culture. It would be especially keen to see productions treating the regional histories from colonial times throughout to the present day of the joys and sorrows of living in the northeast with an edification to the benefit of future generations of children who will be never to forget such a wonderful experience as puppet theaters can only do. Thanks for showing your site to me, its beautiful work.

Signed: Thomas Dean Furlano
From: West Hollywood, California
Jan. 18, 2008

Hi, nice site, good work! Thank you!

Signed: Sarah
From: Unknown
Aug. 26, 2006

Thanks so very much for taking your time to create this very useful and informative site. I have learned a lot from your site. Thanks!!

Signed: Ronny
Aug. 3, 2006


From: LOME
Jun. 26, 2006

Boy do I miss the Marionnette Theater. Any chance it will come back in some way?

Signed: fred pfisterer
Apr. 22, 2006

ready to see the show

Signed: cindy
Apr. 19, 2006

Nice site. nice design. thank you

Signed: Colea
From: "
Apr. 11, 2006

it is sad, but as they say all is gone but not forgotten>.............cherro mate best wishes.........s.sparkman

Signed: sandra sparkman
From: michigan
Apr. 9, 2006

Perfect design! I like it!!!

Signed: chocolate
From: "
Apr. 8, 2006

I tried your website today just in wishful thinking that you would once again be performing with the marionettes. We saw La Boemme and Madam Butterfly in Peterboro, NH. I am so sad that such a tragedy happened. We thought and still think that it was the best and most magical thing we had ever seen. We miss them so much.

Signed: Barbara and Richard Girard
From: MA
Apr. 1, 2006

It was an interesting additon to the site. I look forward to the changes and hope that the good work continues.

Signed: Max
Mar. 28, 2006

Great website

Signed: Travis Perkins
Mar. 17, 2006

Checking out your site brings back memories of my childhood. i loved it. when you do come to taos, do call.

Signed: marcie winters
Mar. 5, 2006

Awesome site. Keep up the good work. I love the guestbook.

Signed: The Revd
From: Here
Feb. 27, 2006

I would complement you

Signed: bath
From: italia omaha steak
Feb. 24, 2006

Hi! Very nice site! Thx!

Signed: mike
From: "
Feb. 22, 2006

I've loved marionettes ever since I was a child. This site brings back fond memories. Keep up the good work.

Signed: Richard Nacamuli
Jan. 31, 2006

I like this page. Nice work !

Signed: Melisa
From: USA
Nov. 21, 2005


Nov. 3, 2005

I am deeply sorry for the tragic loss of your theatre. As a graphic designer, I am so sadden that all the artistry put into the making of these wonderful marionettes is gone forever...such a historical loss.

Signed: Judith Cloyd
From: Riverside, CA
Oct. 29, 2005

i think that it is very cool and it must of taken ages to make the marionettes

Signed: rebecca
From: rebecca
Oct. 26, 2005

As a descedent of Harry Wilding. victorian marionetteer, I am delighted to visit your site

Signed: Val Chilton
From: Val in Cannock UK
Oct. 13, 2005

your cool

Signed: georgia
From: aylesbury
Sep. 10, 2005


I came across your website and in hopes of attending the shows and then read of the tragic loss of it all. I am so sorry to know that it was destroyed and that I will never be able to attend and enjoy the artistry and music and ambiance of your theater. My mother sang opera and I have seen such marionettes as a young child and was quite excited to have come across your website. Again I am saddened by your losses both theatrical and historical and artistic. I am glad that you have left the website up and running as I was able to enjoy the flavour of it all thru the site.

All my best,

Ms. Dayle Maynard Department of Physics Harvard University 17 Oxford Street Jefferson Laboratory Building, room 366 Cambridge, MA 02138

(617) 495-2872

Signed: Dayle Maynard
Aug. 28, 2005

oh what a lovly site pls keep up the good work

Signed: oluku
From: lome togo
Jul. 20, 2005

I learned to love Opera at the Theatre. I learned that puppets could be more sublime than most actors. I learned that if you have a vision you can do it... okay there may be timeframe frustrations... but that Ted's vision was what it was all about. I think of the puppeteers who had never manipulated a puppet before and in time moved an audience to joy and laughter and tears. I think of the amazing craftmanship of the puppets and all the unrecognized energy that went into every performance. I think about these things and will for my whole life...I finally thought it timely to leave these thoughts. Thanks, Ted... My time as a puppeteer afterwards and my creativity today is in part due to your enthusiasm and vision. I will think of you when I get to Salzburg. Best of Wishes and memories.

Signed: John Cloud
From: John Cloud
May. 10, 2005

really cool cant wait to see the next show im staying in america for awhile

Signed: fred
From: bunbury westen australia
Mar. 31, 2005

I was very curious to peek at your marionettes website, but I was so sad learning that the Theatre has been destroyed on account of a fire. What a pitty.

Signed: Jose A. Luccioni
From: Clearwater, Florida USA
Mar. 25, 2005

Votre site est tres complet et tres bien renseigné. Thomas -

Signed: Thomas
Mar. 8, 2005

Please don't let it die. Come to visit us in Brazil. Adriana

Signed: Adriana de Medicis
From: Brazil
Feb. 25, 2005

I just discovered your site because I am entering the wonderful world of marionette making. The loss of the theater and marionettes due to fire is truly heartbreaking. It is my hope that, in time, you return to this marvelous work.

Signed: Patricia
Feb. 16, 2005

First visit to your lovely site, searching a Madame Butterfly link. I am sorry sorry about your fire,and the site notes look like you have taken the philosophical approach and accepted it as a cue to "go on to other things".

Your marioinettes are lovely,and the art of the Marionette is a very special one. You seem,at the site, to be thoughtfully paying the visitor off to other makers of marionettes.

If that is the case, best wishes in your new endeavors.


Signed: elle fagan
From: an elle fagan artsite CTUSA
Jan. 17, 2005

Great show and thanks for coming to omaha Please come back soon. would love to see more shows.

take care happy holidays

Signed: Brian Henning
Dec. 18, 2004

Really enjoy your site.more impressed with your work.Look at my - you will like it!

Signed: Jame
From: Uzbekistan
Dec. 10, 2004

J'ai énormément apprécié votre site, très bien réalisé ! Nina

Signed: Nina
Nov. 29, 2004

is very nice site

From: lome togo
Nov. 27, 2004

Very impressive collection, I may be visiting your theatres soon. Chears for the sneak peeks, laterz.

Signed: Richard Grenfell
From: Stanborough
Nov. 4, 2004

sorry about the fire hope you are all doing well god bless

Signed: Ashley
Oct. 28, 2004

Greetings from Prague!

We wanted to congratulate you on your lovely website! If there is anything we can do to help your theater continue spreading the awareness and beauty of marionette art, please let us know.

Na shladanou!

Signed: Lida
Oct. 21, 2004

Très beau travail pour ce site. Bonne continuation. Sarah, Webmaster de

Signed: Sarah
Oct. 15, 2004

hey you guys have some pretty good puppets and they are so cool well got to go bye

Signed: nicole
From: Nicole
Sep. 30, 2004

Very good page, done well. Congratulations. You have yourself careful in obtaining an excellent page. If they visit my Web, will know beautiful towns of Galicia. Greetings

Signed: dfranza
From: spain
Sep. 27, 2004

you rock

Signed: Alex
From: Alex
Sep. 12, 2004

Dear fellow theaterwright,

Do you have any video's of your work? Please tell me how to get in touch with you.

Regards Ben 845-434-0330

Signed: Ben Schwartz
From: Hurleyville, NY
Sep. 3, 2004

I can hardly bring myself to think about your catastrophe. If it had happened to me I'd be a wreck for years... hope you're stronger than I! I have loved marionettes (not so much puppets) all my life, made and operated marionettes as a child, but later life has not left me time to indulge this interest. I've often dreamed how wonderful it would be to present opera with marionettes but for a long time I only knew about the Salzburg tradition. Then just when I found out about NEMO and was half-serious about flying out there and throwing myself on your mercy, you were gone! It would be silly of me to say it hurt me as much as you, but I have trouble believing otherwise! Please accept my long-withheld condolences. Your tragedy broke my secret marionettist's heart.

Signed: Bill Parker
From: Billcito
Jul. 31, 2004

What a tremendous effort putting this together about a marionette center stage! I would love to see one of those plays In WA/Perth I would then definetly be the first to gt tickets! Keep up the tremendous efforts my werbsite is sign my guestbook

Signed: Rochelle
Jun. 27, 2004

I was fortunate enough to see one of the last performances of Barber of Seville before the tragedy and feel lucky that I had the opportunity to see such magic when it was still possible. I sincerely hope that you change your mind and try to rebuild, although I'm sure it would take years and be very expensive. Good luck with whatever creative ventures you are now engaged in.

Signed: Richard Behrens
From: Richard Behrens
May. 27, 2004

Your marionettes are wonderful. I really enjoyed looking at them all, and I feel sorry for your loss... I make marionettes, too. I'm so glad I stumbled upon your site!

Signed: Beata
Apr. 4, 2004

what a tragedy, fire can destroy many things but i hope that all involved have gone on and continued to produce the fine art of puppetry in other forms and venues. i think that might be a great addition to your site, a sort of what's happening now in the puppet arts 'round town, ya know. any ways thanks

Signed: eric veldey
From: minneapolise MN
Feb. 13, 2004

What a beautiful site and heartwrenching story! What a tremendous contribution you must have made to the arts in your area and the United States! Thank you for the inspiration!!

Signed: Patrick Rogers
From: Patrick Rogers
Jan. 14, 2004


Signed: OBI
Dec. 10, 2003

Thank You, we loved your marionettes!!!

Signed: Anna and Brittany
From: Dayton, Ohio
Nov. 20, 2003

You guys have inspired me to go after my dream: to bring ballet, opera, magic, and the Lord to families with shadow, hand, and marionette puppets. I'm very sorry for your loss.

THANK YOU!!!!!!!

Signed: Jason Laramee
From: Lexington, SC
Nov. 11, 2003

i'm one of the puppeteer and director of MANDALAY MARIONETTES THEATER, MYANMAR. i really loved to visit you site and i have seen the differents of yours. i also built the site for our traditional marionettes as See the differents and make suggestion. All of your are always welcome !!!

Signed: Kyaw Myo:
From: Mandalay Marionettes Theater, Myanmar
Oct. 27, 2003

What a gorgeous site! I am so grateful that you kept this on the internet. Although the fire destroyed your amazing theatre, somehow this site keeps it alive. I was already inspired to create marionettes and now I am even more so. Thankyou.

Signed: Magdi Fayek
Oct. 15, 2003

What a gorgeous site! I am so grateful that you kept this on the internet. Although the fire destroyed your amazing theatre, somehow this site keeps it alive. I was already inspired to create marionettes and now I am even more so. Thankyou.

Signed: Nancy
From: Nancy
Oct. 7, 2003

I would love to have seen a performance.

Signed: Mary Cohoon
From: Russellville, Arkansas
Oct. 6, 2003


Signed: kiki mumu
Oct. 5, 2003

Dear Ted,

I will always be a fan.


Michelle Henderson The Children's Group Inc.

Signed: Michelle Henderson
From: Michelle
Sep. 18, 2003


Sep. 5, 2003

I jsut got a marionette its a cute little gray cat i know it not the same but i thought u would like it. Its fun to play with marionettes you can make them dace sit down and walk its so fun lol thank you from:nicole :D

Signed: nicole
From: nicole
Aug. 11, 2003

halo,we would like to invite you to check our web page with hand carved wooden marionettes. Maybe you will be interested in it.thank you for your time jan and martin ruzicka

Signed: Jan and Martin Ruzicka
From: Jan and Martin Ruzicka
Jul. 31, 2003

I am also a puppeteer and director of mandalaymarionettes Theater, Myanmar.I am really instreating to visit your site.

See Our site at

Signed: Kyaw Myo
From: Myanmar
Jul. 20, 2003

Achei o Site super bonito, isso sem considerar o fato de que adoro marionetes, infelizmente não tenho talento para tal artesanato, acho que só consigo desenhar...por isso criei um conto que envolve marionets e demô estiverem interessados visitem......valeu!

Signed: knagisa
Apr. 21, 2003

I am 8 years old and just fell in love with marionettes.I am so sorry for your loss.I'f there is anything I can do let me know. SINCERELEY EVAN GRASS.

Signed: Evan grass
From: 8215 kiowa trail pinckney mi.48169
Apr. 7, 2003

Hey this is from a fellow puppeteer. I was just doing some research on puppetry when I came across your website. I am sooo sorry to hear that had happened. I am pretty sure that your team now has new location to perform. I know this because I do puppetry and I would still do it no matter the location or the price. That's all I wanted to say.God bless! from Sandee

Signed: Sandee
From: Georgia
Mar. 20, 2003

i am researching marionettes in tech

Signed: david peddle
Mar. 10, 2003

I love you guys. I think you guy so cool. I wish you can vist owe school at Blissfield, Michange.

Signed: Arlene Zinay
From: Blissfield
Mar. 7, 2003

i love marionettes

Signed: joe simth
Feb. 25, 2003

I have been reading marionette books for days and taking notes in the anticipation of my retirement and the desire to carve/construct marionettes..I have just now turned to the internet and was saddened to find your site and read of your terrible loss..pleae include me in any upcoming notifications/email announcements/mailing lists/cataologs etc. as it was very fun to see there are many others out there who are in awe of the magical world of old world marionettes

Signed: C. Luoma
From: wanna be marionette constructionist
Feb. 9, 2003

nice place

Signed: Anneli
From: Sweden
Feb. 8, 2003

hey i had to make a speech on marionettes and this website really helped me out thanx alot

Signed: margarett
Feb. 5, 2003

Ted. We wish we could have moved to this area earlier, just to experience what must have been the splendor and magnificence of your art form. Happy New Year again, to you and Bev

Signed: Lou and Marie
Jan. 2, 2003

nice site.

Signed: Web Hosting
Nov. 15, 2002

What a tragedy to lose such a beautiful theatre group. But why not start over? We need this art form...especially in these times of political upheaval. Puppets can say things the media and live actors can't! Vive les Marionettes!

Signed: Elizabeth Paxson
From: a fellow artist
Oct. 30, 2002

Incredible site. Damn that fire. A lost art found. I recently went back to my love of art. Marionettes have always brought it to life. Keep up the passion and spirit, all of you! God Bless Tim Jones Detroit, Michigan

Signed: Tim Jones
From: Tim Jones
Oct. 14, 2002

I just want to say that I am delighted and, at the same time, heart-broken at this find. I wish I had known about your company before the opera house burnt down! What a shame!

Since my early youth, I put on home-made performances for family and friends. At first, we started with hand puppets but our last performances were marionettes. They were quite intricate for a home-made performance. We made them all ourselves and friends helped with stage building,scenery painting and music accompaniment. We just had a lot of fun. But it was work!

I always admired the Salzburg Marionettes but had no idea we had something similar here in the States.

I have recently married and moved to Louisiana and met a whole new crowd of wonderful families getting the marionette itch again. So, I tapped the internet and found your website.

I must say that just the website idea is a great inspiration. I wish you the best and if you ever resurrect the opera, I would love to know. I work for a magazine as writer and illustrator and am sending you the email adress above. You can reach me there. Also, if you would have any info. on marionette suppliers and such, I would greatly appreciate it.


Andrea Phillips

Signed: Andrea F. Phillips
Sep. 25, 2002

I am an Art Teacher at Reinberg Elementary School and interested in string puppets. I would like to teach my students how to make them and how to perform with them. Your assistance and guidance will be appreciated.


Signed: Anthony J. Tulacz
From: Chicago, IL
Sep. 20, 2002

hello and many greetings from europe

Signed: europe
Sep. 7, 2002

hi. love your puppets.

Signed: katisa ridley
Aug. 26, 2002

What a heart-rending but ultimately gracious and inspiring memorial website! I have just returned from Prague, where I saw marionettes perform the opera Don Goivanni. Your own beautiful marionettes and physical theatre may be gone, but they endure in the hearts and memories of those who were fortunate enough to enjoy them in person, and they are imortalized in other minds through these lovely web pages, which I hope will be maintained permanently by you and your descendants, or others who appreciate the importance of preserving our history. I suspect and pray that you are on to other rewarding adventures, and you might at some time want to post a note on that subject.

Signed: Donn B. Murphy, Ph.D.
From: Donn B. Murphy, Ph.D., President, The National Theatre, Washington, DC
Aug. 26, 2002

what fun

Signed: abby
Aug. 15, 2002

I Love marionettes I collect them and I have 17 different marionettes.

Signed: Ben Lentz
Aug. 11, 2002

Really enjoyed your site.The marionette opera's looked wonderfull, would have loved to have seen one. Hope your'e all still making magic.

Signed: Tony
From: Britain
Aug. 6, 2002

As I understand the NEMO site is about to shut down, I would like to just record how proud I am to be a college friend, fraternity brother, and still friend of Ted Leach, whose overactive right brain cells dreamed up something that brought a lot of enjoyment, happiness, and education to many people. Ya done good, Ted! Bob Newell

Signed: Bob Newell
From: Bob Newell
Aug. 5, 2002

I am very sorry to hear of this dammaging fire. I have ten marionettes from the 1920's and 1930's. I am trying to restore them to perfection. I just can't seem to find the correct string used for the controls. I have checked all the hobby and craft stores but have come up empty handed. I need black, red, green and yellow thread.

Please assist if you can.

thankyou, Nathan VanLare

Signed: Nathan VanLare
From: Greensboro, NC originally from Cape Cod
Jul. 21, 2002

Thanks for keeping the site alive -- an informative, sad memorial.

Signed: James Copeland
From: Berlin, Germany
Jul. 21, 2002

I like your Site! Hello from california. day trading

Signed: day trading
Jul. 19, 2002

I'm glad to have the internet in my on room and on my own computer so I can go to "". Today, on July 14, 2002, my dad, brother, sister, and I went to Long Grove and saw a marionette show. Only one guy did all marionettes. There were definetly more than 10 marionettes. After the show, I asked my dad where I could get one.

I have a question: why do marionettes cost so much? Is it because they are handmade? Or because how large or small they are? Or is it because how they look? If they are ugly puppets, why would someone want to buy it? Are people trying to get more money from other people? Because, in my own opinion, I really do love marionettes. But if you think about it, these puppets are just made from a branch. Wood! So.... would you want to pay $50 dollars for a puppet? If you think about it, again, you're paying $50 dollars for just a thick stick! Altough, some marionettes are rare dolls. And I respect that certain price if they're original. But I just wanted to know why these dolls are around 25-50 dollars. I hope you took the time to read this. Sorry if there are spelling errors. Thank you for letting me sign your guestbook.

Signed: lexi
From: Chicago, Illinois
Jul. 14, 2002

It's a shame their won't be a NEMA anymore, it was a beatuiful place and if we're all lucky something like it will come to be soon.

Signed: Jon
From: Jon and the Elmwood Puppets
Jun. 13, 2002

So sad. If I had a million dollars, I'd invest a new home for the little ones.

Signed: U. Burkett
From: ANI
May. 15, 2002

hi, i'm so interested about marionette, so i like this site so much, arigatou gozaimas

Signed: hiroko ikeda
From: shibuya
May. 5, 2002

im very sorry about the fire. its soooooo sad!;-{ but that doesn't stop me from loving watching the shows and loving marionettes;-}

much luv from Masika

Signed: masika
May. 3, 2002

Loved your site. So sorry about the fire. God Bless anyone who touches the lives of children.

Signed: Mary Jane
From: Illinois USA.
Apr. 10, 2002

I found your site to be very interesting.I was just going through the web and found this as I was looking up some marionetts of my own.

Signed: kkf honey pooh
Mar. 31, 2002

Great site! Visit my marionette site at Greetz from Belgium!

Signed: Gee
From: Belgium
Mar. 22, 2002

sorry about the fire you should not give up you should re-open it.

Signed: andrew
From: sydney
Mar. 13, 2002

Often times in the wake of destruction, certain good things happen.As aveteran of the puppet theatre arts, and in these times of declining interest of the art,we should come together with resources and talent alike to reinstill interests and enthusiasm ( grant money) to begin again in a much broader light. Come to grips with tragedy, your pain is our pain and in this wierd and wacky world, anything can happen. The question is,do you want it bad enough? The puppet community needs people with your dedication and commitment. Never get off the boat....

Signed: andre pare
From: national marionette theatre Chicago, Ill.
Mar. 6, 2002

My Mother,gina, and my 7 month old sister, Kai, persuaded me,Rachel,to help them ( the computer illiterate)go online in hope of finding out more about puppetry;a field my mother is very interested in working in, being an established sculptor for almost 20 years.But, Being the self-proclaimed cynic that I am (and a 17 year old, which doesn't help) I hurriedly went through each site with my poker face on. Upon reaching your site, however, I found my first interesting and seemingly charming look at the world of puppetry. The Magic Makers gallery was quite cute and each of us deemed it a shame that you are no longer in production.If you could contact us, via e-mail about any company you are currently working in we would love to hear from you. Thank-you, Rachel, Gina, and Kai P.s I'm into the Theatre Arts, myself, and will be a Literary Major Next fall in college

Signed: Rachel,Kai,& Gina Draker
From: Thousand Oaks, California
Feb. 25, 2002

Was Introduced to the site via Les to have a look at.Although I am not in any way an operative of the skills I found the site very,very interesting,in as much I have sent the details to friends abroad.

Sorry about the tragedy about the fire and the loss of items that are no doubt irreplaceable.

Cheers ted horgan

Signed: e horgan
Feb. 25, 2002

In my search for puppeteer Scott Land of California, I came across your site and am very sad and sorry to hear about your great loss, especially of such magnitude.

Signed: ethel clark
Jan. 27, 2002

I am so sorry to hear of your loss. I have dreamed of doing a marionette performance since I was a little kid. To see all that you have accomplished is truly an inspiration to me.

Signed: Little Bit the clown
Jan. 2, 2002


Dec. 10, 2001


Signed: PABLO
Dec. 8, 2001

Hello. I'm so sorry to hear about your unfortunate fire. I was searching the web for puppet theatres in my area. I go to Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts in North Adams. I am a Fine and Performing Arts Major here. I am presently taking a class called intro to Arts Managment, and as our final project we have to take an idea and see what it would take to make it happen. This means everything down to training, permits, finances. My idea is to start a puppet theatre that goes to hospitals where children have to stay for a long period of time, perform for them and then help them make their own puppets.i was just wondering if anyone could give me a little information on any training you've had for this type of puppetry and although your theatre is sadly no longer operating how successful it was. Any help is very much appreciated. Thanks a lot. -MaryBeth Makara

Signed: MaryBeth Makara
From: NorthAdams, MA
Nov. 30, 2001

One of your former puppeteers, Lorraine Gilman, told me about your site and your operation. I am very sorry for your demise. Your work looked excellant. Regards, Steve.

Signed: Stephen E.Rees
Nov. 14, 2001

Our parish is preparing its first production of Amahl and I was searching websites to see what others have done. I am so sorry to hear about the tragedy of the fire. Our local Kansas City guild of organists has commissioned several marionettes in the last few years to present music to children. You have my sympathy for the loss of so much of your work for marionette theatre.

Signed: Kenneth Walker
Oct. 24, 2001

Marionettes are truly magical,if I were to have known about your opera,I most certainly would have gone to see your show,this is very disappointing that you have given up.Fires happen,and you should not let your puppets dye in that fire,they still live in you, don't let the fire consume more then it did. if you need help,then you should ask.

Signed: Anthony Cole
From: Asheville. North carolina.
Sep. 6, 2001

As others have said a work of art. Thank you for taking back in history to a sport I love.I only hope more is coming in future novels about the sport and other greats. AFFIMED AND ALYDAR? Thank you for the experience. Jdoner

Signed: John Doner
Aug. 15, 2001

Thank heavens for the world wide web and the images it preserves of your theatre.

Signed: Tony
From: England
Jun. 30, 2001

Your information are useful for me !!. You may visit Bali and have a nice day man..!

Signed: Ketut Usnada
From: Indonesia
Jun. 7, 2001

please come back, you are sorely missed...

Signed: Eric Small
From: Eric Small
Jun. 7, 2001

I have just read the little editors note and have not viewed your web site as yet...I am so very sorry about your loss....g

Signed: genevieve
Jun. 4, 2001

my grandfather toured Europe and Russia in the 1800s with his marrionette show. He suffered a similar fate as yours, infact his show was burnt down twice. He rebuilt on both occaisions but it was World War 1 that ended his marionettes when his sons went to war. This was in England but I believe that they originated in Italy,which their name suggests

I believe that a history has been written about the marionettes in which Harry Wilding and his show is featured. Great to see that they have such a following in the USA.

Reg Wilding Wollongong Australia

Signed: Reginald Wilding
From: Australia
May. 27, 2001

So sorry for your loss. I used to have a children's theatre and did not have a fire but had to stop due to lack of support. I know how you must have felt as stopping that was a major upset for me but at least I didn't have to see everything destroyed. Puppets and marrianets are wonderful. As a former nurse I used them with my patients and even the adults loved them although some wouldn't admit it. Hope your life is going well. Thanks for the site...I enjoyed it and am glad you are keeping it online. Susan Mars

Signed: Susan Mars
From: Susan Mars
May. 19, 2001

Dear Ted and Roger,

I think of you every now and then and wonder what you two are doing now? I took an absence from puppetry for about half a year. Now I am starting to practice again and overcome my rustiness. Then I will perform. Besides that I am a distributer for a health and nutrition company. I also wonder what happened to the troup? Lorraine, Kellan, Kristine.

It was a good experience for me to perform with everybody. An aria that sticks in my head is Sorelle Vagabonde. I tried looking for that aria a couple of times and could not find a copy of it.

Well, I hope some time to hear what everybody is up to.

Teresa Moler

Signed: Teresa Moler
From: Teresa Moler
Apr. 15, 2001

I just wanted to send my condolences, I have just viewed the site, and am so sorry to see such a wonderful past time destroyed! I know your company will be greatly missed. What wonderful work you all have done. I wished I could have seen a performance. Maybe one day you will start over. Good Luck to all!

Apr. 2, 2001

i have to make a marionette for school so if u could e mail me and tell me the instructions for or how to make a marionette thanks your kewl friend taneisha.

Signed: taneisha
From: canada
Mar. 15, 2001

I'm so sorry about your loss. Best wishes on your new beginings, whatever they may be.

Signed: Lori Krohne
Mar. 12, 2001

Sorry to hear of your loss. From a newly ordained puppeteer.

Signed: Paul Hansen
Mar. 8, 2001

Dear Ted,

I've been collecting marionettes. When I was in elementary school, I saw a marionette show in one of the classrooms. I also saw Mozarts's "The Magic Flute", that was performed by the Salzburg Marionettes, at the Kaye Playhouse at Hunter College. Someday, you should perform some children's fairy tales, for example: "Hansel and Gretal".

Sincerely, Ilan Freedman

Signed: Ilan Freedman
From: New York
Feb. 3, 2001

Your puppets are beautiful. I'm sorry for your loss.

Signed: Laura King
From: State College, Pa
Jan. 24, 2001

cool dudes

Signed: brianna smith
Jan. 10, 2001


Signed: Emmanouel Emmanouilidis
Jan. 2, 2001

Did you ever make any vidoes of the performances? I would like to purchase one if so. My art students are making simple versions of marionettes and are very interested.

Signed: Kerr
Dec. 14, 2000

It's a shame that your theaterburned down. I have just just started to be intrested in marionettes this year. I'm of czech descant and it is my understanding that marionettes big in the Czech Republic. I have started making some with my grandson now i have made about 12 of them. I enjoy making them because they seem to become a part of me. Best regards Edward Roznovsky

Signed: Edward Roznovsky
Dec. 13, 2000

It's Holiday season and I'm searching for information on a marionnette opera called, "Ahmal and the Night Visitors." Does anyone know where I could get a copy of it? Generally, it was shown on PBS television during maybe the '60s? Thanks very much Renee Collins

Signed: Renee Collins
From: New Jersey
Dec. 12, 2000

hi my name is rachel i just got a marionette it is darck blou and fuzzey,to legs and no arems i still love marionettes i hope i can get more so i can cleckt them. some day will you rite back. frome rachel!:)

Signed: rachel green
Nov. 26, 2000

Can ayone help me? I have a love interest who greatly adores marionette puppets. I have no knowledge of how, or where to go about purchasing one for him as a Christmas gift. Please email me with any information or further websites I could contact. Of course, quality and authenticity is a must. Thankyou!- Kallie

Signed: Kallie Kruse
Nov. 6, 2000


Signed: gu fhujki
Oct. 18, 2000

I'm a graduate student at Queens College, Flushing, NY, and I'm majoring in English: Creative Writing. In fact, last spring my one-act play, SHUA: THE LAMB OF FREEDOM, about the first Passover, was produced as a puppet play at my church as part of our Easter Sunday services.

Currently I'm taking a course, From Literature to Opera, comparing great epic poems, novels, plays, etc. and the libretti and music of the operas they've inspired. For this course I'm searching the Internet for sites about American Opera, and came upon your site.

It's really sad that your operation was destroyed. It's a clever and original idea, and perhaps one or several of you will try it again. Meanwhile, I think you could: 1) write a book about your troupe, 2) fix up the surviving puppets and put them in a museum, 3) sell videos of performances, if such videos exists. If you have enough photos of your performances, you could even publish books with the puppets illustrating the stories of the operas. They could be best sellers!

Feel free to visit my homepage and connecting sites: MNL, Queens, NY

Signed: Melanie Lee
From: Queens, New York
Sep. 14, 2000

Sorry to hear about the fire. I am a puppet fan myself! I do lots of marionette puppet shows in my room!

Signed: jake lockman
From: jake lockman
Sep. 11, 2000

I make wooden dolls and when I found your website, before I knew about the fire, I thought a dream had come true for me, that a place like the New England Marionette Opera existed. I am brokenhearted about your loss. I, too lost my home in a fire on February 12, 2000, and I know how devastating, and irrevocably changed this type of damage is. I have not worked creatively since the fire, though your website does now inspire me. I hope one day you all can give meaning to everything that has happened and create something new and wonderful in NEMO's name. In the meantime, thank you very much for this beautiful website. I will visit it often.

Signed: cindy
Aug. 27, 2000

We have begun a family marionette troup - we are sickened at your loss. We hope that somehow you all will find the strength to begin again and carry on your fantastic talents!

Signed: Bill, Leihren, Kate and Roan
From: Largo, Florida
Jul. 30, 2000

We are the Taipei Arts International Association in which we organize the annual Arts Festival. Now we are processing the programs for next year's arts festival. Would appreciate if you can send us more information concerning the puppet theatre.

Signed: Annie Yeh
From: Taipei Taiwan ROC
Jul. 24, 2000

The marionettes play on in my heart - thank you for keeping the website and sharing the magic with us all for so many years.

Signed: Elizabeth H.S. Neal
Jul. 12, 2000

as a puppet maker, i cannot tell you how saddened i was to hear of you terrible loss, as well as the loss to the world of marionette theatre. i only hope that you will reconsider and build again, there are too few wonders like the magic of marionettes left in the world.

Signed: pamela turner
From: pamela turner, tenn.
Jun. 30, 2000

I accindentally came across your webpage. I have never been to your theatre, nor do I know you. However, as a puppeteer, and small theatre owner, I cannot imagine anything worse than the loss of it all. My heartfelt sympathy to you. Perhaps another door will open soon.Regards, Peggy Melchior

Signed: Peggy Melchior
Jun. 16, 2000


Signed: Kristopher Bereman
From: KT - in U.S.A.
Jun. 13, 2000

Ted - How wonderful to meet you and your wife. I have decided to give some of the photos to Denise (the Swiss woman who carves our puppets) And the bumper sticker is already in its place!!!! Maybe you should just try to do a little bit of marionette work eventually??

Signed: karen in denmark
From: Skoerping, Denmark
Jun. 4, 2000

Thank you for keeping your website despite the tragic loss of your beautiful Theatre.

Signed: H.G. Fry
From: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Jun. 3, 2000

I read about the fire a couple of months ago, and mourn the loss of your puppets. I too, am a builder and the love and time that go into building is a birth process. I can just imagine the pain of the loss of that body of work. If it were me, I know I should be devastated, but I also know I would look at it trying to find the hidden opportunity that lurks in the underbelly of the tradegy. Knowing that somewhere in this experience I was being given the opportunity to shift my life (whether or not I wanted that). That doesn't make your loss any easier, and is not meant to be a light-hearted comment. Just that we can never really know whether our misfortunes do not hold somewhere in the experience, the seeds of a gem. I hope your path leads you to center of the jewel.

Signed: Marcie Klein
May. 30, 2000

We are four educators beginning to work with children in our Four Strings Only Childrens Theater. I was searching for history and found your beautiful site and the heartbreaking loss. My first impulse was to ask you for some bit of information or ritual of yours that we might incorporate in our new effort and pay tribute to your fabulous accomplishment. Thank you for your consideration.

Signed: Beverly Sampson
Apr. 29, 2000

I was researching marionettes for my class project and when i came upon this site i was immediately saddened by the loss of these beautiful puppets. From the pictures, they were absolutely exquisite. Thank you for opening up a new interest in me.

Signed: Marionette lover
Mar. 6, 2000

I think that this is a very interesting cite. Yet, it could do with a few more pictures

Signed: brittany lavery
From: Alamosa high school
Feb. 15, 2000

As an ex-member of the Salzburg marionette theater and professional puppeteer, I would like to express my deep regrets to you. I can imagine the blow it must have been to see your beautiful theatere destroyed. The nightmare of all of us. I hope you will someday find your way back to active puppetry. Sincerely A. Maly-Motta

Signed: Albert Maly-Motta
Jan. 11, 2000

I am deeply saddened by your loss and even more so after reading your most recent messages from others. As a child, I lost some marionettes to water damage and I was devastated. I can only imagine the magnitude of your loss! My deepest sympathy goes to you and I wish you and yours a hopeful future!

Signed: Matthew Bernier
From: Portsmouth, VA
Jan. 6, 2000

We're sorry to hear about the fire. Good luck in the future. We are an artist couple making and filming our own original scripts. Contact us at anytime if you need help ing making marionettes, backdrops or stage and stage props. Holger and Margaret Jurgens 1-707-998-3119 p.o.b. 1288 Clearlake Oaks Ca. p.s. Hope that you intend to reopen.

Signed: Holgerand Margaret Jurgens
From: Clearlake Oaks, Ca.
Jan. 4, 2000

all these accolades preceding the news of the tragic loss you have sustained prompts me to ask "how can you NOT rebuild?" so much talent cannot be still.... you must go on.

Signed: norma fairbairn
Dec. 30, 1999

I came upon your web site in search of contact information for Peter Baird. I am trying to find prints of the Bil/Cora Baird "Night Before Christmas" and "Ahmal and the Night Visitors" which were done for Bell Telephone in the 1960s. If anyone has contact or tape information, I would appreciate it. I was very saddened to read the news of your fire, but obviously NEMO brought joy to thousands of people on both sides of the proscenium during its run. Thumbs up!

Signed: Gary Thomas
From: San Jose, California
Dec. 29, 1999

Sorry about the decision to close; it's a major loss to the community. But for many year, it was a great blessing! Check out my site about Hancock, NH at

Signed: Sandy
Dec. 26, 1999

dear ted, this is my first time typing anything onto the web. thank you for the beautiful recommendation letter you wrote for me. I cried with gratitude and disbelief over what we had and lost at the marionette theater. Merry christmas and you are bound to have a better new year. I think of you often.

Love Peace Joy

Signed: karen carter
From: karen carter
Dec. 24, 1999

Hi Ted and Roger Just wanted to check out this website once and for, am I impressed! Nice work as always, Ted. I miss you and the theater and all the great people involved with NEMO. Hope to see you all around soon, Merry Christmas! love, Megan

Signed: Megan Rhodes
From: Megan
Dec. 23, 1999

Ted, I have just read your announcement concerning the termination of New England Marionette Theatre. I am deeply and personally saddened by this news. Over the years that I/we (Opera Worcester) have attended your productions I have found each succeeding offering more entrancing, more magical, more thoroughly enjoyable than the previous. And I have always marvelled at the exquisite professionalism of your entire crew. The departure of your theatre and performers from the unique niche which you occupied leaves a void which cannot be soon filled; and if so; by what?? I used to look forward with great anticipation to that time of year when we would make our annual pilgrimage to your theatre. I am certain that when Autumn comes each year; when the leaves display their reds and golds and oranges; I will recall fond memories of the red velvets seats, the aroma of spiced cider, the appearnce of the wee conductor, the almost real singers on stage,... God Speed to you and Roger. May you prosper in what ever next you invest your talents. If in your travels you find yourself near Worcester or Springfield please get in touch. I would consider it an honor to have you attend one of our operas or just to gab for a bit. mispah! Henry H.

Signed: Henry Haste, Esq
From: Opera Worcester, Inc
Dec. 21, 1999

I am saddened by the loss of your created friends. I pray that God will open the door for this art to be seen adn admired again by the children. I have enjoyed puppets much of my life and this sight has touched me! Rebuild and rejoice!

Signed: Tommy Smith
Dec. 11, 1999


Signed: Angela Whiteway
Nov. 15, 1999

I found you guys from a link from our page, and they were right, this is a beautiful website. Do you ever get as far south as Atlanta in your travels? I would love to see a performance. Keep up the good work!

Signed: Holley Jennings
From: Atlanta(Center for Puppetry Arts)
Oct. 18, 1999

So wonderful pages! Greetings by Karin Lübben's Marionetten- und Figurentheater SEIDENFÄDCHEN :->

Signed: Gerd Hergen Lübben
Oct. 1, 1999

It's really bad about the fire as the theatre was the most awesome one I've heard about. Best of luck.

Signed: Jaime Ravenwood
Sep. 9, 1999

Dear Ted and "all" the NEMO,

My heart was so heavy to read of the terrible loss - for you and for all of us who loved what you do. There was a special magic to your performances. Madame Butterfly was the most moving and sensitive I have seen ever. Just wanted to add words of encouragement to you for the future. Sincerely, Peggy

Signed: Peggy Lauzon
From: Peggy and family
Sep. 7, 1999

Is there any resource on the internet were I can inquire about marionette stage construccion?

Signed: John A. Quiles
Aug. 15, 1999

Enjoyed your site. I would be interested in being contacted if you are in our area.

Signed: Janet Lambert
From: Eugene Oregon
Jul. 19, 1999

Very sorry about your loss,Ive just read about it from the home page and i felt a great loss come over me. I was in the theatre years ago with the OUEENSLAND MARIONETTE PUPPET THEATRE and would LOVE to get back into it. Iloved prefoming in front of kids,their emotions went straight into my heart,and made the hairs on my arm stand up.GOOD LUCK,I HOPE YOUR BACK ON STAGE SOON.

Signed: grant L
Jul. 9, 1999

Hey!! I am very sorry about the fire. I found out about it a couple weeks ago. I love Marionettes. If there are any people who are reading this and want to buy a Marionette go to this site: or I am very thankful for every thing you have done for me.

Love, Kristin

Signed: Kristin Bateman
From: Kristin Bateman
Jul. 2, 1999

The marionette theatre was truly one-of-a-kind and nothing short of genius. It is heartbreaking to see it cut down just as it reached the point where it was beginning to travel and achieve a whole new level of success.

If anyone is interested in a great investment opportunity, I would urge you to contact Ted Leach and see about investing the money to enable him to start his theatre anew. He is truly an astute businessman who has received many awards and accolades for his business acumen. There is a fine opportunity here for someone with savvy and vision.

Signed: Lenore Ruffner Czarowitz
Jun. 30, 1999

Hi ! Just found your site -- we think it's great !! We make marionettes ourselves, specializing in clowns, so any and all information is greatly appreciated. Look for our site sometime soon !!

Signed: Kim and Marilyn Mauzy
Jun. 18, 1999

Hi Roger. So sorry to hear about your theatre. Sandee and I are living in Plymouth. Both teaching Middle school music. Kids are fine. Come see us. Have a few free meals and enjoy the beach. Write me back. Terry

Signed: Terry Runnels
Jun. 2, 1999

Great Web Site!

Signed: Meghan Bussey
May. 26, 1999

Ted, you still owe me two tickets...hope to see your magic show with my own eyes ONE DAY!

Signed: Daniel
From: guangzhou, china
May. 22, 1999

Ted & Roger,

Please let me know if I can be of any assistance in rebuilding your theatre. I miss it terribly ! This town just isn't the same without the magic of your company.

Whenever I wanted to escape the "daily grind", and step into the magic of your reality, then home was where your puppets came to life.

Please, please bring back the wonder, and the magic !



Signed: Shaun T. McMahon
From: Shaun @ ZOO LOGICS CO.
Apr. 22, 1999

Parabéns pela página sobre bonecos que é algo fascinante.

Signed: edmilson
From: garanhuns pe brasil
Apr. 20, 1999

So sory to hear of your current set-back - there are so many who want to help and don't know how - a page with options we can choose from would be good - or did I miss it? And a "thermometer" display of goals set and closenenss to reaching them wouldnm't hurt either - goals such as money, of course, but also gathering together fabrics, decorations, jewelry and other necessities for rebuilding the marionettes, and another for building material donations, and another for music, sound equipment, wiring, etc. etc.

As a member of the Actorsingers and Nashua Choral Society, I have some idea of what is needed, and some sources to inform and beg and wheedle donations from, potentially. Call upon us through the site - maybe there is more out here that you can use than you may think!!

Good luck!!

Ellie Morrill

Signed: Ellie Morrill
From: Nashua, NH
Apr. 19, 1999

Ted, Anne and I were dismayed to learn of your fire and loss of your marrionettes and theater on January 1, 1999. I know how much time and effort went into your outstanding production and how devastaing fires can be not only to physical asstes but to your state of mind as well. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and Beverly.

Signed: Dick Carroll
From: Dick Carroll & Anne Brookes
Mar. 22, 1999

Sorry to hear about the fire, but if I know Mr. DuPenn, you will bounce back better than ever.

Signed: Diarmuid Kennedy
From: Diarmuid Kennedy
Mar. 7, 1999

How very sad to read about the fire .... The worst nightmare of them all. Hope the future will provide you with more luck. Greetings from a Member of the marionettes in Skoerping, Denmark

Signed: Karen Sanders
From: Skoerping,Denmark
Feb. 26, 1999

I have loved the art of Marionettes since I was young. I am attempting to get together a class to teach basic marionette making in Spokane, Wa. Would you happen to know of a few plays that would be simple enough for beginners and where to find them. It seems you have a great following I hope to see your work sometime. Sorry about your loss. I sure hope you can build everything back up soon.

Signed: Dana Martin
From: Dana
Feb. 16, 1999

So very sorry to learn of your tragic fire! I just found you, looking for Madame Butterfly presentation and read the articles you included on your page. I hadn't heard the awful news, and I am so sorry to imagine it. How devastating! Oh my! It's too too terrible. Feels like lives were lost, though, thankfully they were not.

Signed: Marian Wagner
From: Marian Wagner
Feb. 13, 1999

Saddened by your tragic fire - - - gladdened by the news NEMO will rise from the ashes - - - for anything we can do to help, do not hesitate to call on us - - - now that you have the plot for a new opera, all you need is for someone to whistle up a few unforgetable bars of bell canto - - -

Signed: Dortha & Duncan Morrill
Feb. 5, 1999

Hi Ted! In hoc from the days in Delta Omega. Saw the article in the TU Magazine - do I understand you have recently suffered a fire loss? Write if you get a chance. Joe Anthis

Signed: Joe Anthis
Jan. 20, 1999

So sorry to learn of the tragic fire. I cannot image what it feels like to loose puppets. Do not give up! You are doing great things...bringing the art of puppetry to adults.

Don't forget us here in Providence, RI when you go on the road!

ERIN Rhode Island

Signed: Erin Flynn
Jan. 16, 1999

Dear Ted and all who are involved in the troop:

On behalf of the Santa Barbara Puppetry Guild, I express my deepest sadness of your loss of your wonderful puppet theatre and puppets. We understand your love of marionettes, your fortune to have had a personal theatre to perform with them, and the joy of performing. Here's wishing that the gremlins of life treat you to new joyful experiences with puppets, and if you ever want to perform in California, just let us know and we can help. Sincerest best wishes...

Signed: Catherine
From: Santa Barbara Puppetry Guild
Jan. 13, 1999

Ted and Company----We are so sorry to learn of the fire on January 1st. Our hearts go out to all of you that have worked so very hard these past years to create the excellence of your marionette theatre productions. Your performances were first class and a joy to watch. Please know how much are thoughts are with you all.

Signed: Bob and Rosemary Leistner
From: The Leistners
Jan. 13, 1999

I saw a production of the Barber of Seville this summer in Boston. I loved the performance so much that I gave my parents "ticket coupons" for an upcoming production. I have just checked your web site and have read about the tragic fire - your loss affects us all, the puppets were magic. I hope you will rebuild - many will be hoping and waiting. I am so sorry...

Signed: C.A. Jeffery
Jan. 13, 1999

Ted, I was shocked by your fire. I'd lost your email address so came to your site to re-establish contact and WOW! My very deepest sypathy. I lost some marionettes in a fire at sea on the Achille Lauro and that was pretty terrible - but to lose a theatre and whole cast of puppets - all that work, all that creativity! It's bereavement.

Signed: Chris Somerville
From: Chris at Harlequin in Wales
Jan. 12, 1999

We're shocked and dismayed by the fire and the loss of over 200 of your precious marionettes. Please tell us how we can help to get you back on your feet and to continue your wonderful shows. We enjoyed both The Marriage of Figaro in Boston and Amahl in Peterborough. We are still looking forward to Porgy and Bess in 1999, and hope it's still possible. Do not be discouraged. You have lots of friends.

Signed: Ann & Dick Luxner
From: Stow, MA
Jan. 6, 1999

i love marionettes! i'm only 12 but i'm doing a 4-H project on marionettes, i'm going to do a play but i need a couple of marionettes.

Signed: athena arnold
Dec. 8, 1998

Ted and Roger,

The site looks great. Keep up all the good work. I miss seeing you, but I don't miss the cold! Keep up your spirits!



Signed: Nancy Lohman Staub
From: swamps of Louisiana
Dec. 8, 1998

New Orleans Puppet Center sends you best wishes and thanks for helping keep the marionette tradition alive. Bravo!

Signed: E.M. Dupont
Dec. 1, 1998

Attended your production of La Boheme. Most delightful,(including tears), and impessive. I'll be back! Archie

Signed: Archie Frangoudis
Nov. 8, 1998

Hi! Fraternal greetings. Have a peep at Britain's first permanent theatre built for puppets (1958 - this year's our 40th) Good luck Chris

Signed: Chris Somerville
From: Harlequin Puppet Theatre, Colwyn Bay, North Wales
Nov. 4, 1998

Parabéns pelo seu site! Foi um prazer visitá-los e conhecer um pouco do seu trabalho. Que bom que a Internet pode diminuir a distância entre os bonequeiros no mundo! Um grande abraço.

Signed: Luiz André Cherubini
From: Grupo Sobrevento - Rio de Janeiro/São Paulo - Brasil
Sep. 14, 1998

Saw your article in the TU Alumni magazine. I hope you can make a visit to Tulsa.

Signed: Ed Minich
Sep. 6, 1998

Hello--I just checked into the Web site, at the behest of the founder. I am an ancient boyhood friend, and we are both astonished to see that we each grew up to be adults with more or less serious aspirations. Congratulations, Ted, on a wonderful concept and bringing it to fruition. Reminds me of the Bill Baird puppets long ago on Walter Cronkite's CBS Morning Show. They occasionally did opera, too, but mostly for laughs.

Signed: Will Howarth
From: Princeton, NJ
Aug. 14, 1998

My wife and I just saw The Barber of Seville in Boston last night and it was amazing. I think what was most amazing was we had the opportunity to attend the back stage tour, and to see that the marionettes were only 24" tall took our breath away. Hopefully we can make that 102 minute trip to your theatre in NH someday!

Signed: Paul Kastner
From: Marshfield,MA
Jul. 26, 1998

Fantastic! I hope to see your operas someday...absolutely!

Jul. 18, 1998

I just saw Madame Butterfly at the Emerson Theater tonight. It was absolutely wonderful! I especially liked the cross that was visible after the death of Butterfly. That theatrical effect was more powerful than any that I had seen in the Met production with Catherine Malfitano, this past season. I look forward to seeing future productions.

Signed: Jonathan Kay
From: Newton Centre, MA
Jul. 17, 1998

Sounds like fun. Hoping that my wife and I can bring our children.

Signed: Steve Umans
From: Belmont, MA
Jul. 14, 1998

I'm sure your productions are as dazzling as your web-site. I dabbled with marionettes as a youngster. I'm now 82 and still fascinated by them.

Signed: C.G. Peters
From: Hays, KS
Jul. 11, 1998

Found the site interesting

Signed: Patricia Dennis
From: Plymouth, Ma
Jun. 28, 1998

Our school are doing a project on puppets and we have found your information very useful.

Signed: Ryan Tarr
Jun. 18, 1998

I have been searching for days for any infromation on making a marionette puppet for my little daughter's 7th birthday on June 23rd. And I found this lovely site. thank you for having it.

Signed: Ree Marie Reno
From: Chewelah, WA. USA
Jun. 14, 1998

What a wonderful website. I've been trying to find a marionette theater ever since I saw an outstanding production of Jack in the Beanstalk when I was in elementary school. I feel in love with marionettes, but have been having a hard time finding information until now. I wish I lived closer to your theater because I would love to attend. Hooray for your theater!

Signed: Jill Muir
From: Quincy, Calif.
May. 21, 1998

I need history information on the origin of marionettes. I have not found many books on the subject. If you send me information I need the source so that I can give it the proper credit in my essay. thanx

Signed: Kelly Ann Cook
May. 15, 1998

hey, hey, hey, luv the site!!!!

Signed: the talkative twins
May. 8, 1998

My first knowledge of your theater..thrilled it exists. I am an opera lover and make 24 inch marionettes and do opera scenes for schools, retirement homes, art associations, civic groups..found you on internet today(4/28) You should do a book on it. There are so few books anymore on puppetry. I taught college art in Indiana and we offered a course in creative puppetry. I was incluenced by two people(now dead) who were members of the PofA ..Vivien Michael and Marjorie Batchelder. both of Columbus, Ohio. Wopuldnt Turandot be agreat vehicle for puppets? I also am a chalk artist and illustrate operatic scenes on a huge easel with colored lighting ussing background music as I draw. No one does this as far as I know..I do Hansel & Gretel; Turandot; Nabucco; Carmen; Walkure; Gotterdammerung,etc. Keep up the great work.

Signed: Jack D Patton
From: Deland, Florida
Apr. 28, 1998

A friend told me to check out your site. It is dynamite. We are looking forward to your grand appearance in Boston this summer at the Majestic Theatre (nothing like going to the best house in town!!) We'll be there. Good luck

Signed: Seamus Murphy
Apr. 14, 1998

Hi there: You may just have the greatest looking web site on the whole internet. It is sooooo interesting - full of things that few have ever seen or thought about. It must be a spectacular thing to see.

Signed: John Beaufort
Apr. 14, 1998

I love seeing marionettes work so gracefully (almost alive) it's make's people's get wider.I myself collect older marionettes from the 40's to present.I like to think i'm preserving them for people to enjoy later down the road.

Signed: E.J.Mac
Apr. 14, 1998

I am doing a project on puppets. I am in grade 6. Not long ago I've seen a marionett show called Old Friends. I enjoyed it very much. Internet is a big help for me in doing this project. I would like to see more puppet shows in the future. They are interesting for everybody and not only for children.

Signed: Patrick Wspanialy
From: Toronto
Apr. 7, 1998

What a unique undertaking! I certainly hope you come out to the Los Angeles area some day. I'm sure you would be a hit!!

Laura Y. Ruiz

Signed: Laura Y. Ruiz
From: Los Angeles
Mar. 12, 1998

Looking forward to my first visit to NEMO in Peterborough on March sixteenth with my grandaughter's class from Touchstone Community School in Grafton,MA. Great web site!

Signed: Olive Donatelli
From: Uxbridge,MA
Mar. 7, 1998

I've heard your advertisements on the radio but have yet to see a performance... perhaps when you come to Boston this summer. I'm anxious to bring my baby daughter who loves puppets and who has a mommy and daddy who are both opera singers! Do you use audio recordings in your shows or live singers and instruments? If you want live vocals give us call in Mendon, MA. My wife has a splendid lyric voice and I'm a spinto coloratura (very agile baritone).


Signed: Mark V. Bonito (MARCO)
From: Mendon, Massachusetts
Feb. 26, 1998

can you come to Argentina? I should like you visit us.

Feb. 19, 1998

Great new website!! Your Boston NE Marionette productions are sure to be a success. Having seen several shows in your Peterborough Theatre, I can only imagine how fantastic they will be in Boston. I will be contacting you for tickets when our summer schedule is set. Save the front row for me and my family.

Signed: Rosemary Leistner
From: Rosemary
Feb. 6, 1998

Uncle Ted, You've outdone yourself!! This web site is fantastic. It really brings it all to life for me. Now Todd and I will have to come out and see the show live and in person. Your bio's of the players were great. On some I was laughing out loud. Good luck for the '98 season and continued success!


Signed: Kristy Leistner
From: Kristy Leistner
Jan. 31, 1998

Ted --

The website is absolutely phenominal. Great job!

Best wishes for continuing success in 1998.

Hope and Bob

Signed: Hope and Bob Pettegrew
Jan. 21, 1998

Ted, It's wonderful! I think I like your great work, and enjoy it. But if you come to China, Pls consider the language problem and the difference of culture background. And next but not the last, the ticket is too expansive for cost will be higher than in U.S. if you come to China. Any way, it is good time to come to China, for BeiJing is giving sweet smile to Uncle Sam will see the green light...


Signed: Daniel ( Bai Yun)
From: Guangzhou, China
Jan. 20, 1998

I collect Web sityes about Puppet Theatre. I think, that ure site is very intresting. But I can not found any russian puppet theatres in the WEB. Only three theatres (only in Russian) you can found in my personal page: http//

Signed: Nick SOKOLOV
From: Russia
Jan. 8, 1998

Merry Christmas, Ted. Wish you'd bring it to Rockford. I enjoyed hearing about the Opera from Bob,

Signed: Virginia Newell
From: Rockford, Il
Dec. 26, 1997

My husband and I attended your October production of TOSCA and found it to be delightful and enchanting. As long-time season ticket-holders of opera tickets to the Metropolitan Opera in New York, we have seen many performances of TOSCA, but few as innovative and charming. We yelled "BRAVO!" and "BRAVA!" as we would at the Met, as the little hero and his diva took their bows. They were "real people" to us by then, and yes, we cried when Tosca threw her curse to Scarpia and met her fate. We were hooked by then, and treated two of our friends to AMAHL AND THE NIGHT VISITORS in December. Our friends were as thrilled as we at your production. (Amahl, the camel, and the cat stole the show! Isn't it true that performers should never appear with animals and children??!!) Our friends will return of their own accord, I am sure, and they will bring their friends with them, next time. Even our crustiest acquaintances, who have traveled the world in order to attend opera performances at Covent Garden, La Scala, Staatoper, and Bayreuth, melted at our description of your wonderful presentations. They have promised us that they will "go to the opera in Peterborough". Note that they didn't say "puppet opera", they said "OPERA". I think you've won a big victory there.

Continue using the best recordings of the operas, and continue to upgrade your sound system. The sound is excellent, the stage magic superb, and your imagination and love of your art comes through in every performance.

Debra J. Saez, Ph.D. David F. Hillenbrand, Ph.D.

Signed: Debra J. Saez, Ph.D.
From: 9 Bartlet St./ Suite 11/ Andover, Massachusetts
Dec. 21, 1997

Roger - Very nice to locate another performing UConn grad. Hope to someday see a performance - it certainly looks like a success - congratulations! I'll keep watching for your updates. - Deb

Signed: Deb & Tony Petzold
From: Washington
Dec. 10, 1997

I finally made it. Nice site

Signed: roger
Dec. 3, 1997

Any marionette shows in my area..... Kentucky????????

Signed: Richard Danhauer
Nov. 21, 1997

Mike Paulin told me to sign the guestbook so I am. NEMO looks great

Signed: ed taylor
From: ed taylor
Nov. 12, 1997

I was so excited to see your web sight! I am an operatic tenor who has sung around quite a bit for the last few years. Ive done tosca and Butterfly and Boheme and was so excited to see your page because everywhere I perform my motel room is full of my shavings from my carvings. I would love to make marionettes and learn to control them If you are interested, let me know. 2432 Halstead St. Cincinnati, Oh, 45214

Signed: Ryan Olsen
From: Cincinnati
Oct. 31, 1997

My family and I were fortunate enough to attend your performance of AMAHL AND THE NIGHT VISITORS before we moved to North Carolina in 1994. We hope to visit New England during the Christmas Holidays, and we would like to attend another production at NEMO. Thank you so much for the wonderful experience that my family and I encountered at your theatre. This is one experience I'd like to make a tradition within our family.

Happy Holidays!

The Goodale's

Signed: Rhonda Goodale
From: Goldsboro, N.C.
Oct. 30, 1997

I admire your desire and apparent dedication to bring such a fabulous Art to the general public! If i'm ever in NH.........i'll make every effort to find my way to Peterborough!

Signed: Kevin Brown
From: Columbus, Ga.
Oct. 29, 1997

You have an exquisite web page...I am salivating! Can you come to California? My kindergartners deserve to see your children's productions!

Signed: Pam Peters
Oct. 28, 1997

I'v looked all over on the net but I can't find the answer to this qustion:are marionetes and puppts an invention????? And if they can tell me and also who the inventure is????? I'm askin you this for a grade 5 spech and I do not know

thanks From:Chelsea M.

P.S. I love this site!

Signed: Chelsea M.
Oct. 22, 1997

I saw your production of "Tosca" this evening and was extremely impressed. Super set design, production, and music. I'm glad you have a web page now; I and all your other fans will be able to stay current on your activites much more readily. Also, the wolf thing at the beginning of the opera was surprising, but pleasant. I was glad for once to merge my love of music and of nature.

Signed: Ken Hill
From: Ken HIll
Oct. 19, 1997

Hello Ted!

Sorry I didn´t get a chance to see one of the Operas but next year for sure. Wish You all a very sucessful winter!


Geoff & Cornelia

Signed: Geoffrey & Cornelia Taylor
From: Albrecht Strasse 47-A, 12103 Berlin, Germany
Oct. 10, 1997

I recently had the honor of being a guest at a performance of NEMO's Tosca. I am not an expert on either opera or marionettes, but it was a thrill to see. The skill was very impressive, and the time flew. Everything was so life-like, and speaking of life-like, I also learned that marionettes like applause. GREAT SHOW! No one should miss it.

Signed: Bob Newell
From: Baton Rouge LA
Oct. 10, 1997

Still enchanted from seeing the production of Tosca yesterday afternoon. It truly is "user-friendly opera." Am looking forward eagerly to more seeing more productions in the future. Am desirous of hearing more about the Boston appearance at the 57.

Signed: carol rainer
From: carol rainer
Sep. 22, 1997

Fantastic job! Many thanks to all those concerned. Today (Sept 21) was my first visit to NEMO (Tosca, Callas). I'd heard about NEMO, and had seen the documentaries on Channel 11 (NH PBS), but despite living only 40 minutes or so from the theatre, I had never been to a performance. This will change - I'LL BE BACK! Thanks again for a delightful afternoon.

Regards - William

Signed: William Henry Davis
From: Nashua, NH
Sep. 21, 1997

I heard Morning Edition's piece on your opera this morning, and I was fascinated. I can't wait to bring my 11 year-old son (and myself!) up to experience what sounds like a fun cultural event.

Signed: Bob Hazelton
From: Cape Cod
Sep. 18, 1997

I am a tour director for Opera Worcester of Massachusetts and we will be taking a catered bus tour to NEMO to attend the Sunday afternoon 21 September 1997 peformance of TOSCA with Maria Callas singing the title role. This is our third year attending the NEMO and we have thoroughly enjoyed each and every performance. I still have some seats available on my bus if anyone out there is interested. We depart from Vernon Medical Center in Worcester, Massachusetts at 12:00 noon on Sunday 21 September 1997 and return at approximately 8:30 P.M. Sunday evening. The tour package includes round trip transportation, the opera, and dinner after the opera at a beatiful little New England Inn. For costs, menu choices, etc. contact:- Email: or FAX: (413)589-7515 Snail Mail: OWI, P.O. Box 481, Ludlow, MA 01056-9998

Signed: Henry H Haste, Esq
From: Opera Worcester, Inc of Mass.
Aug. 30, 1997

Fantastic show---I encourage evertyone to come and see this performance of the NE Marionettes and any other show during their season---What an experience!!!

Signed: Rosemary Leistner
From: Rosemary Leistner
Aug. 29, 1997

Hi. larry stark here.

I'm always glad to find a new theater website in New England, but it's a double pleasure to find one as lovely and as easy to navigate as yours.

It will be added to our list of "useful sites" this evening, and I thank you for turning me on to it.

We've listed your performances for two summers, but I'm car-less so visiting your theatre has been out of the question.

I know marionettes are puppets, but not all puppets are marionettes. Yours is an art with a great history, and I hope an equally bright future.

I do remember that a marionette performance of "Aladdin & His Lamp" was maybe the very first "live theater" I ever saw. (The genii looked H U G E when the smoke cleared, because he was a human and not a puppet!)

So, break a leg all! Love, ===Anon. ( a k a larr stark )

Signed: larry stark
From: The Theater Mirror:,
Aug. 26, 1997

I am like many people in the Monadnock region who live within 15 minutes of the NEMO and never go to a performance. Well, our long overdue visit to NEMO brought us Tosca, with beautiful sets, winning costumes, gorgeous music featuring the voice of Maria Callas, and all the passion you would expect from an Italian opera. Glorious.

Thanks, Ted. We'd go again just to hear you open the show! Best wishes from my gang and the Sharon Arts Center.


Signed: Lajla Kraichnan
From: Lajla Kraichnan
Aug. 24, 1997

Last summer, my wife and I attended La Boheme and thoroughly enjoyed it. This summer, we returned for opening night of Tosca and brought our teen-age daughters who think opera is just a lot of yelling and screaming. To my surprise, they both enjoyed the performance very much. When I asked them if they'd like to go to New York to see a performance at the Met, they said "No." They would prefer to return to NEMO. With the titles projected above the stage, they found the performance easy to follow and understand.

They really enjoyed the tour of the theater and speaking with the puppeteers. The theater is so cozy; and the relaxed atmosphere and friendliness of everybody add that special touch.

I think it's worth a trip to the theater just to see the orchestra pit. I tell all my friends about it.

Signed: Norman Desmarais
Aug. 14, 1997

can't wait for the '98 schedule!!!

Signed: steve martin
Aug. 10, 1997

I went to High School a Dublin Christian Academy for 4 years in the late 70's and have just now heard about your operation from a friend.

Signed: Timothy A. Meck
From: 1979 DCA graduate
Jul. 31, 1997

HI, Ted! Just wanted to say "Hi, Ted!" and tell you how much I love the marionette theater and your swell puppets. I'm amazed at how real they look. I really forget about the strings. Are you sure they aren't really doing the singing?

Hope to see you soon, Love, Cio-cio-san P.S. Can I be in your next production of Madame Butterfly?

Signed: MAL
From: Peterborough
Jul. 20, 1997

Your site is my very favorite and I have visited all that is available. I would like to introduce puppetry in the local arena, however, I am overwhelmed by all the research material.

I would like very much to have info (pictures too?) of your puppets and company. I have doubts of ever seeing your performance, or do you grace ETV with your presence?

The best always to you.


Signed: rusu
From: Mississippi
Jul. 16, 1997

Love the site...& NEMO is 4.1 miles away!

Signed: Dave Sobe
Jul. 13, 1997

Ted, it was really great to meet you and your talented crew. You put on a powerful show, and I know Cedric enjoyed it as much as I. Now that I have seen your theatre, it makes me wish that you had had the opportunity to see "Firebird" and "Hansel and Gretel". Hopefully you and Cedric can work something out.

Anyway, it truly was a privilege to meet you, thank you again for treating us to the show, and I shall tell the world what wonders you are performing.....

Signed: Ted
From: Gabrielle (and Cedric)
Jun. 1, 1997

Thank you so much for the wonderful tour yesterday (May 31, l997) that my husband and I had -- we just happened to drop in on our way to Keene and were pleasantly surprised that such a theater was in Peterborough. I am anxious to come and see one of the shows. It was so interesting to see the theater and backstage. Thank you again!!

Signed: Suzanne Sandblom (and Russ)
From: Derry, NH
Jun. 1, 1997

What an incredibly sophisticated web site! I am currently working on a project for graduate school that focuses on marionettes. Your site has been a tremendous help. Is there any chance your tour will make a stop in North Carolina in the future? Also, as a future Children's Librarian who plans to use marionettes for puppet shows, I would love for you to add some tips for beginner puppeteers. Thanks!

Signed: Carol Laing
From: north carolina
May. 22, 1997

Bonjour! I saw a Don Giovanni performance with marionettes when I was in Prague two years ago; it was really impressive. The quality of your marionettes and theatre set-up show through in the pictures on this Web site. I would love to see a performance: do you plan any trips to Montreal (or the area, Northern New-York state or Vermont) in the near future? If not, how far away is Peterborough from Montreal?

Signed: Jean-Francois d'Entremont
May. 18, 1997

I find what I saw at your site, beautiful and exciting. I hope one day to visit your theatre. I myself create Marionettes. Good Luck Ilana

Signed: Ilana
From: Israel
May. 12, 1997

Please e-mail me your opera schedule.


Signed: Kent Phillips
May. 3, 1997

Good luck all singers,staffs and all opera and art lovers.

Signed: Umit Sakman
From: Bilkent University
Apr. 17, 1997

As an opera director (with human singers on stage!) I'd love to see one of your productions. The best of success to your company.

Signed: Tim Troy
From: Wisconsin
Apr. 16, 1997

Just looking at your website for ideas that involve the arts and community. I work with the Hinsdale PTA association and we would like to include different art programs to our already existing ones. I you have any suggestions for ideas or programs I would be interested in hearing about them. Thanks.

Signed: Debra Morris
Apr. 7, 1997

please send info on all 1997 performances. I couldn't print your info on my screen, because of your white on black printing color scheme. if you could send the info to 25 Grey Ln., Lynnfield, MA , would greatly appreciate it ( ZIP CODE: 01940

Signed: Sidney Levine
From: Lynnfield, Massachusetts
Apr. 6, 1997

I just heard about your group & plan to get tickets for your next event.

Signed: Sidney Levine
From: Lynnfield, Massachusetts
Apr. 6, 1997

Please send me any information on marianette shows in my area—Reston,VA

Signed: Mira Hudson
Mar. 26, 1997


Feb. 19, 1997

As a puppeteer and opera singer, I was particularly pleased to find this page! If I could "work strings" I'd be applying to perform with your company. I hope to someday witness one (or more) of your productions. P.S. Have you considered Verdi's Il Trovatore?

Signed: Frank Simpson
From: Show of Hands Puppet Theatre, Bozeman, MT
Feb. 15, 1997

It's really cool to have a "" internet address. I took a wild guess because I am doing a project on puppets,

Thank you very much. Nick Greven

Signed: nick greven
From: london
Feb. 13, 1997

Carol Bosselman & Steve Boaden are right! Your website is fab! We are looking forward to coming to a performance mid-March. Any chance of a tour?

Signed: Kathleen Michaels
From: Castle Bridge Players/Masque Theater, Inc.
Jan. 31, 1997

Greetings! Welcome to our guestbook. Our web site reflects our theatre - professional but enjoyable. Our productions include everything you will find at the finest opera houses, beautiful voices, exquisite costumes, lavish sets, an elegant theatre and TransTitles - English translations during the performance. We enjoy hearing from you and hope you will take a minute to sign this guestbook.

Signed: Ted Leach, Founder and Gen. Dir.
From: New England Marionette Opera
Jan. 19, 1997

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